Mission and Mandate


The Comox Bay Care Society exists to develop innovative solutions to overcoming barriers that prevent people from moving toward better health and appropriate housing.

Through the provision of primary health care services we engage in the prevention and early intervention of homelessness.

We are dedicated to improving access to Health Care and Social Services for people in the diverse communities of the Comox Valley through building trusting relationships with those experiencing homelessness, providing high quality ambulatory care services and promoting positive social change.

Our mission is to provide innovative, safe and ethical health and social development services to people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in the Comox Valley by providing trusting relationships that improve consistency and continuity of care.

Our action-oriented non-profit society continues to offer small, cost effective interventions that bring significant effect to the well-being of our homeless population.

Our mandate is to:

  1. Address barriers that prevent our clients from accessing health care services.

  2. Engage our clients where they are.

  3. Provide a supportive environment to engage our clients.

  4. Provide public education and professional development to our practitioners.

What makes us unique?

  1. Our innovative project was the first of its kind west of Calgary.

  2. We currently receive no provincial or federal government funding. The Care-A-Van is solely supported by the Comox Valley community.

  3. There is no duplication of services. Instead, we work in partnership with fellow agencies.